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August Bank Holiday Weekend 2016

Gloucester Masters and Junior Regatta

Once again we had loads of entries for Gloucester Masters and Juniors regatta in 2016, with one or two competing in their first race.

We didn't have the success that we were beginning to get used to but a couple of finals and semi finals were very satisfactory.

Most notable were the girls J15 4x+, girlsJ13 2x and girls J141x who showed spirit against adversity and a determination which we all admired Well done Girls.

Ross Masters and Junior Regatta

Sam was the only entry this year - but it appears he made an impression introducing himself to his opposition and making new friends.

All in all a reasonably successful Junior weekend

Gloucester and Ross Regattas

We had Loads of Entries for the Gloucester and Ross Senior Regattas. Women's and Men's 4+'s 8's and 4x's all over the place and Pots Galore, including pointless (as in no rowing points) Row Overs and 'Friendlies' (??!) for the men, Winner previous for both the Ladies' and Men's 4's and an impressive show in the WIM3 2x (I don't think!)

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