Training Sessions




Type of Training


7pm - 8pm

 Bay Campus Gym

Junior Circuits


Variable times


6pm for 6.30 on the water


Adult Rowing (Set Crews Only)


6.30pm  - 8.00pm




Junior Core Strength and Conditioning


Adult Rowing



8am to 10am

10.30am to 12.30pm

10:30 to 12.30pm

11am to 1pm


Junior Training 

 Senior Squad



Senior Squad and Senior beginers


9.30 - 11.30am

11 - 1pm


Adult Crew Rowing 

Adult Beginers course (when running) 


Please Note: Rowing Times are flexible If you are considering joining the Club please contact us first. - go to our contacts page


To check water conditions and tide times please phone Swansea Marina office on 01792 470310


Boat Booking System

  • boats can not be booked during the above sessions (other than sunday open senior session and monday/tuesday session)
  • Boats must be returned by the time indicated on the board - if no one is booked in or there to take over the boat it may be re booked and taken out again. please ensure you write it down
  • Boats can only be booked 5 days in advance
  • Juniors may only go out if accompanied by an experienced coach.
  • Senior participants of an un coached session are at the captains (or representatives) discretion - simply if a coach has said its ok then its ok, if you haven't obtained permission you can't go out - this is for safety reasons

people get very cold waiting around and it is very frustrating to those taking open sessions if they decide on crews and then have to alter plans because someone turns up 20mins late.


punctuality is VERY important

  • please ensure you turn up either just before or on time for training.
  • If you are unable to attend or are going to be late due to traffic please phone or text a coach or crew mate so we know you are coming and can take that in to account.

from the coaches side,

  • we will be prompt,
  • we will aim to be decissive and make a decission about crews and stick to it.


Happy Rowing

Facilities Available for land training:

  • Land Training Wednesdays

Ffynone House School - please contact squad rep for details

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